Linkedin has become one of the top professional websites for connecting professionals all over the world. Therefore it is necessary to create an awesome LinkedIn profile so that recruiters select you as their candidate for further process

Wanna create a dashing profile like mine and get views and search appearances?

Then follow these 5 Simple Easy Steps and have your amazing profile ready!

Step 1: Awesome Headline

Did you know having an amazing headline to your profile can give an edge over others?

LinkedIn Profile
LinkedIn headline

Most of us ignore the headline while creating a LinkedIn profile. Headline plays a very important role for people to know about you in a glance.

What usually happens is that recruiters search for “keyword” as per their requirement. As a result, people with keywords in their headline get an edge over others by ranking higher in the search results.

Add your key skills in the headline. Whenever recruiter searches for those particular keywords, your profile will pop up for that particular keyword.

For example, if you are a Java Programmer, Linux User and expert in Web Hosting your headline should look something like this:

Java Developer | Linux | Web Hosting Expert

As a result, you are one step close to trap the recruiter into opening your profile page.

Step 2: Summary

create linkedin profile
LinkedIn summary

The summary is a time to elaborate your header. Your summary can be of max 1000 characters.

Keep it short and simple including the key skills that you want to showcase. Remember no one would like to read a long paragraph.

Your summary should consist of numeric values, like for example:

12+ years experience in Teaching Field

Increased 5% sales in ABC company within the span of 3 months

This will show the change you bring to the company and your caliber. Additionally, you can add relevant documents like a resume, logos.

Step 3: Ask for endorsements

Endorsements are beneficial for your LinkedIn profile. They reflect your skills on your profile.

Request endorsements from people with whom you have worked before in a team or for a project.

Also, give endorsements to people whom you feel are deserving at a particular skill. This will help both ^.^

Step 4: Customized URL & Professional profile photo

Customize your LinkedIn Profile URL, this is my current profile URL,

You can customize your URL by following the steps given below:

Step 1: Go to Home and View Profile

Create LinkedIn Profile
Step 1: View Profile

Step 2: Click on Edit public profile & URL

Create LinkedIn Profile
Step 2: Click on Edit public profile & URL

Step 3: Click on the edit icon and rename your url

Create LinkedIn Profile
Step 3: LinkedIn Edit Custom URL

Cool, your custom URL is now ready. Remember to keep it professional.

Also, a plain simple professional profile picture gives a clear indication about you being serious about your work and profession.

Step 5: Ask for recommendations

Asking for recommendations can be difficult at times, specially for freshers.

A simple note stating why would you want a recommendation from them and how it would help you could assist in getting a recommendation

Ask recommendation from the company you have worked for or from your project team leader.

Once you have completed all these steps your LinkedIn Profile is set.

Let’s Recap:

  • Awesome Headline
  • Summary
  • Ask for endorsements
  • Customized URL & profile photo
  • Ask for recommendations

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